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“This is the signature cuvée of the House and is the perfect expression of the
Champagne Gosset style, which has been used for over 30 years.”
Its structure of absolute subtlety and distinction is the perfect expression of the
Champagne Gosset style.

Vinified and aged on lees to eliminate all risk of premature oxidation.

fermentation is carefully avoided in order to preserve all the natural fruit aromas
of the wine and to allow the wines to undergo longer ageing.
Brut dosage 8 g/l to maintain the balance between freshness, fruit and the body of

the wine.
Aged for a minimum of 3 years in the cellar at a constant temperature, well beyond
the legal minimum of 15 months.

Luminous and golden.

Freshness and fruit aromas. The Chardonnay offers a delicacy underscored by aromas
of yellow fruit such as peach and Mirabel plum.

On the palate the Pinot Noir from Aÿ has a magnificent structure. Hawthorn and
white blossom intertwine harmoniously, with a finely-honed acidity carried by notes
of citrus.

This champagne that is both delicate and tense, suave and assertive, is naturally
versatile. A dual personality that complements elaborate cuisine with simplicity and
grace. Savour with tapas, farm-reared chicken, oysters, langoustines, comté,

The story of the GOSSET family begins over four centuries ago with the first official ancestor of the family line, Jean GOSSET 1484–1556, “Seigneur of Aÿ and Mareuil”. Following in his footsteps, sixteen generations, all born in Aÿ in Champagne, would go on to win fame not only as deputy mayors, mayors, prosecutors, but also in growing and trading the wines of Champagne.

Whatever the period, these men and women had a single ambition – to improve their terroir.
At the end of the 20th century, the takeover by the Cointreau family and the birth of the CELEBRIS Vintage Cuvées sees GOSSET Champagne enter the highest echelons of the prestigious houses, both in France and abroad.

A passion that from past to present has shaped the image and reputation of the oldest Wine House in the region, whose name today is synonymous with a guarantee of excellence for all connoisseurs of great champagnes.

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