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M. de Turenne has a wide range of inspired gourmet products, each selected for its taste and quality. The brand covers all the main foodstuffs in their traditional and tasty recipes that uphold the values of France’s culinary culture.

Inspired by Marguerite de Turenne, the last overlord of Bergerac and with an inheritance of culinary recipes dating from 13th century Périgord, these not-to-be-missed preserves, soups, and vegetables, not forgetting sauces and condiments, will bring your meals to life. The M. de Turenne brand draws its inspiration directly from its love for Périgord cuisine and adds a touch of excellence.

M. de Turenne has been able to bring together tasty dishes that are both traditional and inspired by the latest trends. All are prepared with the utmost respect for the ingredients, the men and women who work the land, and the consumers who enjoy them. Cold or hot, the salad is easy to accommodate

This salad consists of various rigorously selected vegetables, which are each cut into small dice.

Cold with a vinaigrette or mayonnaise, it is a refreshing and light starter. Hot with meat, sautéed in a pan with a bit of butter or au gratin in the oven, these vegetables will make you want to come to the table, but also pretty colors on your plates.

We offer this product in a jar for better preservation of the taste of vegetables. This extra salad will undoubtedly take place in your pantry.

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