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The original greek botanical spirit.

Majuni. An apocryphal formula with roots lost in time has stealthily found its way into the hands of a determined distiller, passed down by word of mouth.

It is the recipe for an elixir that balances with mastery between the elegance of an aperitivo and the dynamism of an authentic digestivo, making every moment magical… out of the blue.
It took endless experimentation with rare ingredients for the devoted alchemist to reach ratio perfection. Having transmuted the mysterious drink, he proceeded to seal it inside an iconic deep blue bottle. He called it Majuni, after an old Greek word for therapeutic beverage, in reverence to the appellation of that ancient recipe and in tribute to the miraculous botanicals and herbs it encompasses.

The first mystics discovered Majuni very soon after. It appeared before them out of the blue, as unexpectedly as it was born – from behind the darkest bars, inside the shiniest clubs, or in the intricate cabinets of distinguished parlors – and generously revealed its magic. In no uncertain terms. The next chapter came fast. Once initiated to its charms, bartenders and mixologists –contemporary alchemists – elevated Majuni to the next level, adding a dash of magic to their cocktails.

From that moment forward, magic started to spread to the entire world, traveling as it always did: by word of mouth, like a spell…

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