PASTA SEDANINI RED LENTILS 250g Rustichella dAbruzzo

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Rustichella d’Abruzzo proposes a totally organic and gluten free guaranteed new item, the Red Lentil Sedanini. A food speciality made only with 100 organic and OGM free red lentil flour, very well mixed with pure water of our mountains and dried at low temperature following our traditional artisan production process. It is naturally gluten free and perfect for the delicate nutrition of coeliac people, but also for the people who want to take care of themselves, without giving up on the tastiness of good cuisine.

The Red Lentils are rich in plant-derived proteins and fibres and have also a low glycaemic index. Ready in few minutes, it perfectly keeps “al dente” and is particularly suited for the preparation of vegetable-based recipes. Cooking time: 5-7 minutes.

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