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Singleton Dufftown is a smooth and mild single malt WHISKY. It is aged in European and American oak barrels for 12 years. The main secret of the Singleton of Dufftown manufacturer is the use of water from the source of Dorris Well, which is famous for its crystal clearness and softness.

Slow distillation is used in the production of WHISKY, which gives the drink a roundness and attractive taste.

Taste: Smooth, round, soft, rich, sweetish, with nutty tones, notes of fruit, warm currant shades, coffee undertones. The finish is long, warm, with a nutty intonation.

Aroma: Rich, intense, clean, with woody, hazelnut, fruity notes, apple intonations and echoes of dried fruit. With the addition of water, you can experience sweet citrus and pear nuances. The bouquet is completed by the intonation of match sulfur.

Gastronomic compatibility: Recommended for use in its pure form as a digestif. With the addition of a small amount of cold water or in a duet with a cigar.

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