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Talisker Skye Whisky is produced by the Talisker distillery. The distillery is based on the Isle of Skye, a Scottish island known for its good whisky. It stands for a wide range of whisky, from peaty characters to sweet single malts.

It is bottled with 45. 8 vol. and comes with a nice softness.

Talisker Skye Whisky was introduced to the market in 2015 and has been a source of enthusiasm ever since. It comes in a maritime bottle which is a tribute to the Isle of Skye.

The Talisker Skye Whisky is stored for several years in refill oak barrels. The whisky is also aged in American toasted white oak barrels. How long the whisky is stored in the barrels is not known. Since the Skye Whisky is a No-Age-Statement-Whisky, no age is noted on the label. By the storage in the white oak barrels the whisky wins its gentle, golden colour.

The maritime character of Talisker Skye Whisky becomes apparent directly at the nosing. The smoky peat taste and the salty sea elements are intensively reflected. A hint of spiciness is already noticeable when smelling. The nosing ends with fruity nuances of orange and biscuits.

Talisker Skye Whisky is complex, shows depth and comes with a maritime complexity. First, peat, smoke and sea salt are concise. The fruity aroma is produced by lemon peel, which is supplemented by some sugar. In addition, a slightly fiery chilli note comes through, for which the Talisker distillery is known. Other aromas that present themselves discreetly are toffee, vanilla and ice cream. In the finish the Talisker Skye Whisky is dry and reveals a hint of fennel. To the palate, the whisky is very subtle and retains the spice and smoke.

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